Wedding Bells

May 7, 2018

“Marriages are made in PULA”. Wait, what? Aren’t they made in heaven? Well yes, they are, but they’re made in PULA too. Out of the many delights PULA has to offer, one is #MondayMatrimony. Members can post Matrimonial profiles and find a match for themselves or friends and families. It was a pleasant surprise when there was a successful alliance through PULA prompting Sonia to share the happiness through a post. Another member who was looking for a bride for her brother, casually mentioned it in the comment section of the same post.

Soon after, her Facebook inbox was flooded with responses from members. She contacted one of them who was also a friend of hers, the friend had a sister who she thought would be a suitable match. In a heartwarming post, she expressed her gratitude and shared the happy news. She said, “Months of coordination and communication later, my brother found his match here, through this forum that has already given me so much!” “Who knew that one comment would turn friends into relatives?”. The post was flooded with comments congratulating the bride and groom to be. Now y’all know why I said at the beginning of the post – “Marriages are made in PULA”. Is there anything PULA cannot do? I don’t think so!


This real incident is conceptualized by Prajakta Mayank Noel from the post on PULA.

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