All aboard the PULA express!

Mar 25, 2018

Webster’s defines the word “Community” as a group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together in a larger society. Well, that’s exactly what PULA (Pune Ladies) is. We have over One lakh ninety thousand members living in different parts of the world. Separated by cities, states, countries and continents, United by one common word – PUNE. In a world where technology is being used to bring the world closer, PULA HAS indeed brought the world a little closer. There are search engines, there are agony aunts and then there’s PULA. It’s like this magical land full of possibilities, opportunities and ever so helpful ladies. It’s a boon to every member. It’s a closed group for ladies that are living or have lived in Pune. Ever wondered what goes on inside this magical land? Read on to find out. We bring you some amazing stories from PULA that highlight our unbreakable spirit of reaching out, sharing and caring.

Each one of us has a different definition of what a crisis means to them. For a mother, it’s her child going without food.

In March 2018, one of our group members who was traveling to Jaipur by train was in for a rude shock when the milk she was carrying for her baby had curdled. One can imagine how difficult it must have been for her to even think straight at the time. That is when she turned to PULA. She posted on the group page around 9 pm explaining the problem and asking if there was any way they could help. The train she was traveling in didn’t have a pantry car making it even difficult for her to get milk. The next stop was Surat. The minute she posted comments started flowing in. Some suggested that she check with local tea vendors, some shared web links and contact numbers to reach services that deliver food online. None of that seemed to work. One of the comments then suggested that she tweet to Railway Seva. Turns out she couldn’t do so because she didn’t have a Twitter account. A member offered to help and tweet on her behalf, the said member also shared her brother’s number and asked that he be contacted. The mother then contacted our member’s brother and shared the PNR and other details after which he tweeted on her behalf, not just him, our very helpful member tweeted too.

The Railway Seva was quick to acknowledge and reply and they informed the officials over at Surat station who were prompt to deliver the milk once the train stopped there. Phew! Crisis averted! PULA to the rescue! The members were waiting for an update anxiously and once it was communicated that she received help everyone heaved a sigh of relief. Accolades starting flowing in in the form of comments. Most of them expressed how blessed and proud they felt to be a part of a community that’s ever so alert and helpful. Some thanked Sonia, our admin and founder for having created this amazing community. All in all, it was a happy ending.


This real incident is conceptualized by Prajakta Mayank Noel from the post on PULA.

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