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The success of PULA, lies in its rules and systematic days followed by all. This group has strong governance on all activities and post within the group by a strong team. Along with Sonia, the driving force behind PULA is 'The team'.
The PULA approval team takes care of scrutinizing each profile that comes in the inbox and then approves. They have never banked on quantity, but believed in quality.
PULA Bazar team manages all the post that comes on Bazaar days. They are there to help every entrepreneur to make the post perfect so it's visible to all. They guide every entrepreneur as per need. Any debatable post which is on religion, caste or politics is removed by them to maintain peace on the group. PULA team deserves all the applaud, as they manage the group voluntarily along side their personal and professional commitments.


Sonia Agarwal Konjeti

Born and brought up in Pune Sonia completed her Bachelors of Commerce and Masters in Journalism from Pune University. She started working with Wipro. Soon after finding the right partner she got married in 2006. For five years she was in Mumbai where she worked with TCS as a trainer. After returning to Pune in 2011 she completed her Bachelor of Education, consequently she started working as a teacher with The Orbis School. She is blessed with a daughter in 2009 named Sharanya.

There are very few people who get to live their passion and Sonia is one of them. Her nature of keeping people together no matter what and managing events helped her to make PULA. As a kid she always loved organising events during festivals or in her college or office just from the motive to unite all. She was a part of lot of Facebook groups, however they were operative without any rules. After doing an extensive research on how Facebook group works she thought that an interactive group with few rules will be boon for Pune Ladies. She wanted to connect as many ladies as possible hence the group did not have an age limit and for their involvement she started having dedicated days which spoke about specific topics.

She wants every women to be financially independent and works towards the same.



Sonam Chadha Anand

Approval Head

Rekha Pillai

Bazaar Head

Amruta Salunkhe

Bazaar and Approval Team

Deeba Nair

Approval Team

Priyanka Rathore

Approval Team

Ankeetaa Shrivaas

Approval Team

Harpreet Marwa

Bazaar Team

Sonam Mantri

Bazaar Team

Pooja Mandlecha

Bazaar Team

Kirti Shrikhande

Bazaar Team US

Nilofer Vasaya

Bazaar Team

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