Lost and found

May 30, 2016

In this fast-paced world, in a bid to reach someplace in time or sometimes out of mere clumsiness we often end up losing things. Cellphones, wallets, keys, the list is endless. What does this have to do with PULA? Patience, dear readers. So, out of the many amazing qualities of PULA, one is our lost and found department. Okay we don’t actually have a “department” but we constantly come across posts that tell us about items lost and found. There were 4 such instances where our members posted about wallets that were found and they found the rightful owners of the lost items through PULA.

The said wallets had things like pan cards, aadhar cards, debit and credit cards and cash. We all know how terrible it is to lose a wallet. It causes a great deal of inconvenience, but thank God for honest people that take the trouble to find the owners. All the four instances had one thing in common – PULA. It seems like the perfect place to post about things lost and found. It’s amazing how quick the owners were traced and it was made possible only and only because the group is a vast community and the members are extremely alert and helpful. I’m going to conclude by saying something I strongly believe in – Every act of kindness no matter how small contributes in making this world a better place. That’s what PULA is all about – Kindness that goes around and comes around putting smiles on the faces of the people that are associated with this fabulous community.


This real incident is conceptualized by Prajakta Mayank Noel from the post on PULA.

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